Financial Reports

The parent company of Arconic Corporation, Arsenal AIC Parent LLC (the “Issuer”), previously issued $700 million aggregate principal amount of 8.000% Senior Secured Notes due 2030 and $500 million aggregate principal amount of 11.500% Notes due 2031 (collectively, the “Notes”) in transactions not subject to the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The Issuer will make annual, quarterly, and interim reports available in accordance with the terms of the indentures governing the Notes. The reports will be made available only to holders of the Notes, prospective investors of the Notes, market makers affiliated with any initial purchaser of the Notes and, subject to the Issuer’s consent, securities analysts that, in each case, have returned an executed “Request for Information and Confidentially Agreement”. Any person requesting access to such reports is required to (i) keep confidential and not disclose or reveal such reports or information contained therein and (ii) not use such reports and the information contained therein for any purpose other than their evaluation of their investment in the Notes.


Accessing the Issuer’s Secure Website

For holders of the Notes, prospective investors of the Notes, eligible market makers and securities analysts who would like to access the secure website but have not yet been qualified by the Issuer, please click the “Request Access” button below and complete the request form. Upon qualification, you will be sent an email with the login instructions.