Our People

At Arconic, we take pride in our work and innovative products and technologies that advance sustainable solutions for a better world. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and collaborative workplace with competitive benefits, development opportunities and a culture that values and rewards employees at all levels of the organization.

We believe that diversity in all areas leads to more innovative solutions and drives better decision-making outcomes. Inclusion enables an environment where employees know they belong and their contributions are truly valued, recognized and rewarded.

We value human life above all else and are committed to operating worldwide in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. Our focus on safety also includes an ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure work environment that respects the dignity and worth of every employee, which drives our continuous improvement approach in our robust safety programs.  

Human Rights
We are committed to respecting, protecting and promoting fundamental human rights consistent with our values. We strive to respect and promote human rights in our relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.