Sustainability at Arconic

Achieving real change isn’t about having the aspiration to do more. It’s about taking action to do things better.

Arconic is committed to being a good corporate citizen and living our Values to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize the value we bring to our key stakeholders, including our shareholders,  employees, customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate. 

Together, we are Responsible for the impact we have on the world around us. That’s why we are setting realistic goals which will enable us to make a positive difference to our people, our processes, our products and the planet. 

Lightweight, high strength and infinitely recyclable, the metal we work with is an Essential part of everyday life. The standards we set moving forward will play a crucial role in establishing a global circular economy. 

Aluminum is the future. Our vision is to deliver the most sustainable aluminum solutions, setting real and achievable goals that advance our world, for the benefit of everyone.
Learn more about our sustainability goals in four key areas: