AS3000B Testing Information

Laboratory fire tests do not necessarily represent how AS3000B will perform in an actual fire. All reports and test data provided by Arconic Architectural Products LLC (AAP) apply only to the specific product sample, wall assembly, or cladding system tested. Different test conditions may cause different tests results. Reports and test data corresponding to a particular tested product sample or wall assembly are not a guarantee that the same product or wall assembly would always achieve the same test results. The owner, the architect, the general contractor, the installer and the fabricator/transformer, consistent with their roles, are responsible for choosing materials necessary to satisfy relevant building codes and/or regulations and otherwise design the wall assembly to protect building occupants and the building structure and surrounds from fire and other hazards arising from product misuse or improper installation.

The NFPA 285 and S134 tests, referenced by U.S. and Canadian building codes, are performed on a complete wall assembly and not on individual component materials. The results are specific to the wall assembly tested and may not reflect the performance or potential hazards of AS3000B or any other material under actual fire conditions. Changes or modifications to the set-up, construction and/or materials used in the tested assembly may result in a different fire performance. . Because different assemblies will yield different test results, certain wall assemblies containing AS3000B may not meet the performance requirements of NFPA 285 or S134. An assembly test and/or appropriate engineering analysis should always be conducted on the actual assembly intended for use. As a supplier of one product in an overall wall assembly, AAP is not responsible for determining whether a particular wall assembly using AS3000B has passed or would pass the NFPA 285 or S134 tests.

The ASTM E-84 test is a product specific test referenced by U.S. building codes. It is not intended to reflect the performance or potential hazards of AS3000B or any other material under actual fire conditions in a wall assembly. This test method is intended only to provide comparative measurements of surface flame spread and smoke density measurements under the specific fire exposure conditions. The test protocol provides the following guidance: “Testing of materials that melt, drip, or delaminate to such a degree that the continuity of the flame front is destroyed, results in low flame spread indices that do not relate directly to indices obtained by testing materials that remain in place."

Full-Scale Fire Tests

NFPA 285 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

CAN S134 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

Material Fire Performance Tests

ASTM E84 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

CAN S102 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

NFPA 259 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

ICC Acceptance Test

AC25 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗


E90 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

Dent Resistance

D5420 - Intertek 2020 Test Report∗

∗ Applicable for product from on or around 08/01/20 to present.


AS3000B - ICC-ES Evaluation Report

ASTM E84 - ESL-1227 ICC Evaluation Report

NFPA 259 - ESL-1228 ICC Evaluation Report

NFPA 285 - ESL-1229 ICC Evaluation Report

CAN S102 - ESL-1230 ICC Evaluation Report

CAN S134 - ESL-1231 ICC Evaluation Report